Acceptance Criteria

I understand the Fee Schedule as outlined below


$375 per hour

 Individual Consultations $ 180
 Section 60 I Certificates $ 375
 Child Support Agreement $ 375
 Parenting Agreement $ 375
 Family Court Consent Orders relating to Childrens Matters $750 Per Party
 Family Court Consent Orders relating to Property and Financial Matters $750 Per Party
 Changes to existing Family Court orders $750
 Divorce Applications $250
 Remote Area, Interstate and International Agreements  By Quotation within 48 hours of receiving your instructions.

Note: Where a Court filing fee is required this fee will be passed on to the client at cost. The relevant Family Court of Australia and Federal Magistrates Courts of Australia fees are here. Click Here



I agree that I am using this technology to participate in FDR for personal reasons only.

I understand that I am not permitted to use this website for commercial reasons and that this website is protected by the intellectual property laws of Australia.

I understand that if I authorise someone else to use this technology on my behalf then it is my responsibility for ensuring that those persons are made aware of the rules governing use of the technology and have them sign or otherwise acknowledge that they will carry out their responsibilities under these conditions.

I understand that if I am concerned that a user has violated this agreement then I must bring this to the attention of the FLSC immediately.


I understand that this website owned by the FLSC is protected by all laws governing intellectual property law in Australia. I understand I do not have the right to make and distribute copies of programs without the express permission of the copyright holder.



I agree to be honest and genuine in my efforts to settle this matter through the FLSC mediation process without violence, coercion, threat, intimidation, fraudulent activity, abuse or discrimination.


I understand that this service charges a mediation fee of $750 (AUD) and that this fee includes the intake and assessment process and a one hour settlement.

I understand that there will be additional charges for further mediation services and for additional services such as filing of consent orders.

I have also read and understood the Privacy Policy described on the information pages.

  1. Terms and Conditions Agreement
  2. I agree to the terms and conditions detailed on this page and as detailed in the policy documents via the Home Pages.
  3. Q1. Do you have a domestic violence order that precludes contact with the other party?
  4. Domestic Violence Order
  5. Q2. Would you feel safe mediating with the other person in the same room ?
  6. Comfort Level

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    Settlement Process

    Party A   -    Party B

    Register as clients

    Assigned case file number

    Appointed senior accredited mediator

    Intake documents emailed

    Start communication with mediator

    Start coaching process with mediator

    Start settlement negotiations with mediator working towards a constent order application

    Sign Consent Orders Application

    FLSC files Application in the Family Court Registry

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